“I have known Danielle for over 8 years and have seen her discipline, dedication and motivation in everything she does. When she trains as an athlete- she gives her all and goes further than most people would even consider. And while she is a great athlete herself, she was an even better coach. In her first year of coaching- she led her team to a national championship. While the girls walked onto the team  with considerable talent- SHE made them better! When they wanted to quit- SHE inspired them to work harder! When they didn’t think they could do the job at hand- SHE made them laugh, made them feel good about themselves and BELIEVED in them! She wouldn’t take no for an answer, but also took the time to listen to each of their concerns and help guide them through whatever their current struggles were. She truly has a passion for what she does.

I’ve coached for 16 years and though I spent 4 years as Danielle’s high school coach trying to inspire her and push her to be the best she could be, Danielle is the one who now inspires ME! Her passion for fitness, her love for life, and her compassion for everyone she works with is what makes me want to be a better person. Pretty amazing for someone so young! I can’t say enough about the person that Danielle has become and I have no doubts that she will continue on her road to success!”

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Monica Gaspar
Head Cheer Coach Xavier College Preparatory
4 Time National Championship Coach

“Personally I love working out, running, playing sports and any outdoor activities. I came to Danielle because I was looking for someone to provide challenging workouts and that one-on-one attention to push me to the next level. Danielle did all of that and more. For me, it is important to have a trainer that attends to YOUR PERSONAL NEED. There is not one workout that works for everyone and achieves the same results. Danielle set expectations high from the beginning and pushed me internally (mentally) and externally (physically). Her knowledge of what is HEALTHY and IMPORTANT for your body is unbelievable. She will go out of her way to provide you with the information and knowledge to exceed your goals. I wanted to tone up before a big “beach time vacation” and Danielle helped me REALISTICALLY set goals and achieve them by planning an intense schedule of training along with a nutritional diet. I highly recommend Danielle, not only because of the results I have achieved, but because of her knowledge, genuine efforts and passion to work with you!”

Kaitlyn Beale
Soccer Coach/Sports Marketing Services Assistant




“Personalized, challenging, professional, multifaceted…Danielle brings out the best in me.  Her dedication to understanding her clients and the results they are seeking, puts her in the elite level of training.”

Jen Neal Client




“I have been training with Danielle for several months now. In addition to Pilates and indoor rowing which I do with other trainers, I wanted to improve my strength, endurance and general fitness. After seeing Danielle doing her own workout, I was so impressed with her style, strength and elegance that I asked her to train me. During our one hour session, she challenges me while remaining good natured and sensitive to needs and limitations. Putting it another way, I highly recommend her to anyone serious about getting in shape in a fun and no nonsense way.”

Tim Miklaucic | CEO
Cordoba Music Group

“Danielle is an outstanding master of her craft, incredibly bright with a treasure trove of health and fitness knowledge, and a warm, spontaneous personality that make workouts fun. Danielle is brimming with the brains to help anyone achieve the brawn. She’s the real deal! Danielle is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. She also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. She motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. Even if you’re a serious athlete or long term fitness advocate who has trained on their own for years, a workout with Danielle will most definitely be challenging, yet rewarding. What a gem!”

Gabriela Bigai
Former Olympic Athlete


“I am a professional actress, dancer, and model and therefore staying in good shape is part of my career. I have trained with many personal trainers over the years and most all of those relationships have been short lived. Danielle was the first trainer that finally understood the balance of kicking my butt, yet still making workouts new and fun. I get bored really easily of the same old routine and Danielle always knows the perfect way to spice things up. Most people dread going to work out, and I used to be the same, however with Danielle I actually look forward to it. I have never been in better shape, felt healthier, or more ready to achieve any of my goals in life. I know that this new found passion for life is because of Danielle.”

Rachele Brooke Smith
Actress/Model/Professional Dancer/Choreographer



“Working out with Danielle every week in her fitness class, Leanin’ Up, has made getting fit less of a chore. The classes are hard work and I can always count on her to push me harder and she never lets me get away with “going easy”. Thanks to her I’ve been able to reach my weight/jean size goal and have set a new one. Her positive motivation and personal drive inspires me to work that much harder.”

Grace Lowy

“Danielle as a trainer was easy to find. She was the one who was paying attention to her clients watching their every move with care and expertise as they performed their reps, and I knew straight away that she would be the right trainer for me. As I said in the beginning, the easy part was finding Danielle. The hard part was the workouts she prescribed for me. I lost 11 Lbs in the first week without changing anything except for the workouts.  I wanted to workout and Danielle kept her side of the bargain. Danielle has a modern approach to exercise, which is helping me get into great shape and away from the old grind I used to do at the gym. I would highly recommend Danielle to anyone who is serious about getting into shape.”

Greg Frearson


“I was a professional dancer on a cruise ship and had gained about 17 pounds by the time my contract was over. I looked to Danielle to help me shed those extra pounds for a big up-and-coming audition 2 weeks after I got off the ship. 12 pounds down and 12 days later, Danielle has inspired me to run faster, go harder, and train more efficiently. If her rocking body wasn’t motivation enough for me, it was her fun loving demeanor that made my work-outs seemingly effortless. She has mastered the balance between positivity and tough love in the structure of her sessions. I could not have asked for a more motivational or inspirational person than Danielle!”

Allyssa Pascente
Professional Dancer/Choreographer



“Danielle Pascente is a powerhouse, a strong leader and bright inspiration to anyone who knows her.  When I decided it was time to face the music and get my body into shape, I took some time to make my decision, visiting various gyms and meeting with different trainers in West Los Angeles.  The second I spotted Danielle’s beautiful photo and bio online, I recognized that she brought something special to the table, more than anyone else I had met.  I was prepared to bring some serious dedication to my workouts but I needed to find a trainer who could challenge me, help change my lifestyle, keep me motivated throughout the week and ultimately partner with me in my quest to lose the weight I had gained in recent years after enduring a major personal loss that changed my life.  With Danielle’s sweet yet determined guidance over a four-month period, we broke through emotional walls, physical fears and I dropped 20 lbs while gaining beautiful muscle and confidence.  Now I am training for my second marathon and continuing a healthy regime on my own, fully empowered by what she taught me.  Danielle Pascente is the best personal trainer I’ve ever worked with and known.  I can’t recommend her enough to anyone who is serious about living their best life through fitness and health.”

Katie Hellwig

“In a few months, Danielle has transformed my body and my attitude!  When we began training, I was out of shape — winded after a few minutes on the treadmill and couldn’t manage a push up — and was convinced no one could get me motivated to work out regularly.  But Danielle’s creativity and enthusiasm was infectious.  She developed challenging and fun workouts every session — without ever repeating routines.  For someone who typically despises gyms, the variety and passion were instrumental in sustaining my motivation and reaching my goals.  I’m stronger, more fit and finally getting those tight buns I’ve envied for some time!  Now, time to tackle those abs. Danielle is the best!  You’ll be amazed at what she can inspire you to achieve.”

Patricia Rothenberg


“When I started training with Danielle, I was in a bad place.  I was struggling to pass the CA Bar Exam and begin my career as an attorney. I had grown up playing sports and defined myself as an athlete, but during multiple attempts at the bar exam, I had lost that drive. The drive to be active and healthy was overcome by stress, anxiety, and depression. Danielle helped me not only lose close to 30 lbs, but she helped me find myself again. Through Danielle’s individualized approach to personal training, I remembered what I loved about exercise. And that’s what is so great about Danielle. She takes the time to really get to know her clients and to understand what makes them tick. She creates not only an exercise plan, but a healthy lifestyle plan, that works best for them. It is her rare ability to be a trainer and a confidante at the same time that made me a healthier person – both physically and emotionally – and for that I cannot say enough good things about Danielle. She truly is FANTASTIC!”

Mary D. Keenan – Client


“I had never stepped into a gym before, and my only experience with exercise equipment was tinkering with elliptical or treadmills. So when I had to strength condition myself to become an EMT, I started working with Danielle. Being 5’5″ and 115lbs, I had quite a ways to go to prepare for the physical labor required of an EMT.  Danielle took into consideration my previous workout experience (or lack of) and eased me into the lifting, squatting, and strength training part of the gym that I had been intimidated by. She explained how to use the equipment and what movements were good for what part of the body, and made sure I used good technique and form. Not only was she involved in what was done in the gym, but also my diet and things going on in my life and helped me make adjustments to enhance my progress. Danielle is very patient and knowledgeable and has genuine interest in helping you get to where you need. I felt more comfortable in the gym because I felt like I was there with a friend, though a friend that knew how to kick your butt to get you through that last set. I now enjoy working out using the methods she’s taught me and have seen significant results in my strength. I recommend working with Danielle.”

Gloria Lim





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