Hey TEAM! Are you ready for 6 weeks of total body workouts and SO MUCH MORE?

Introducing my #STRONGINFALL 6 week Total Body Workout Challenge where you’ll receive weekly workouts and inspiration to create a super hands-on experience right from HOME! Join thousands of women who have already gotten amazing results / are feeling great from the workouts. The challenge starts Monday September 7th!


Who’s ready to get #StrongInFall?


On Monday, September 7th I’m kicking off my annual Fall Challenge called #STRONGINFALL.  This is a 6 week (yay for adding 2 extra weeks) total body workout challenge that you can do from home with minimal equipment.  It will take place on instagram and includes some awesome prizes!  Never done a challenge with the DP community before?  I’ll give you all the DEETS you need below so keep reading……

This is such an unprecedented time and I know everyone is still adjusting to a new normal or rather accepting a new normal.  The Fall Challenge is my biggest annual fitness challenge for my community so this is the perfect time to jump on board if for no other reason than having MAJOR accountability and a super supportive community for you to feel a part of something again.  I really miss my gym, my favorite studios, and going to classes with my girlfriends.  It’s a strange adjustment to workout solely from home where for many of us – there’s a lot of chaos happening at all times.  I think it’s so important to kind of create a workout space from home and find that rhythm as we all move through the rest of 2020 TOGETHER.  Maybe you are just looking for something structured right now (like having all your workouts mapped out for you). Maybe you are looking for accountability (like a community of hundreds of other like-minded women).  Maybe you just need to carve out time for yourself to move and energize your system.  2020 has been pretty wild to say lightly. We are all out of sorts and out of routine.  If you are shaking your head to any of this…..and just want to feel GOOD/BETTER/KEEP YOUR HEAD ABOVE WATER, this challenge is for you.

If you want new inspiration and need accountability/efficient workouts to challenge you, you’re in the right place!  This challenge will give you that kick start to feel confident in your workouts from home, stronger, and mentally ready for what each day throws at you.  Your challenge is to complete the 6 weeks of workouts and daily goals.  Are you intrigued?  Keep reading…..I’ll break it all down for you and try to answer all of my most frequently asked questions right here on this page so you have no questions about spending $69.99


**ALL CHALLENGE DETAILS ARE BELOW!** Once you sign up, additional information will be sent to you via e-mail including a special social share photo!



Whats Included in the Purchase of the Challenge

6 Week #StrongInFall Total Body Workout Guide:


  • 6 weeks of total body workouts
  • Weekly email with workouts + daily challenges inside
  • PDF downloadable guide with workouts (doesn’t expire, no password access, yours forever)
  • Daily accountability on instagram
  • Daily instagram shoutouts and inspiration from your coach (ME)!
  • Photo breakdowns of the exercises
  • Protocol breakdowns of each workout
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to follow the program and plenty of motivation along the way!
  • Modifications highlight on instagram to show mods for the week ahead
  • Warm-up/cool down protocols
  • Access to FitOn App FREE
  • Support and accountability from the DP fitness community
  • Access to Danielle via e-mail/DM throughout the challenge
  • Opportunity to win CASH PRIZE and other awesome prizes (over $2,000 worth of prizes)!
  • So much more incredible content (aka Danielle’s special touches) inside!

How will the 6 week challenge work?

On Sunday, September 6th, I’ll send you your 6 week #STRONGINFALL Week 1 Workout Guide (including all your workouts and daily challenge goals for the week). On Sunday, September 13th, I’ll send you your Week 2 Workout Guide.  So basically, the workout guides will be distributed weekly with all the details, challenges, and checklists you need for that week during the challenge. This pattern will continue the entire 6 weeks until it’s over. (FOR THOSE OF YOU IN DIFFERENT TIME ZONES INTERNATIONALLY, I will be trying my best to send out challenge materials on Sunday mornings).

They will all be PDFs so you can access the workouts right from your phone or print them out for yourself in a small book. You will be receiving roughly 4 total workouts a week throughout the duration of the challenge with some optional bonus workouts from me each week (cardio days and rest days are built in).  When you sign up, you will receive a welcome email IMMEDIATELY with a challenge checklist and overview packet/PDF.  Don’t forget to download it to your device and take a peek through so you can maximize your challenge experience!

Who is this challenge for?

#STRONGINFALL is for those that are short on time, but still want an effective workout.  All the workouts range from 20-45 minutes.  They are fat burning, calorie torching sessions with a variety of weight circuits and HIIT.

#STRONGINFALL is for those that want a variety of workouts.  Nobody wants to do the same workout for 2 weeks.  I hear you!  The workouts get more challenging with each week and you are never doing the same workouts twice.

#STRONGINFALL is for those that like a clear layout with exercise clarifications and photos.  The program includes photo breakdowns and workout protocols so you can clearly see how to do each exercise AND how to do each workout.

#STRONGINFALL is for those who want to be challenged in the comfort of their own home (so everyone right now).  The workouts aren’t easy but they build on each other.  If you want a killer workout and are limited on equipment – this is perfect for you.  All workouts will require a set of dumbbells (soup cans, water bottles, laundry detergent bottles, etc will work) and an elevated surface (couch, table, chair, or bench/something that resembles a bench).  There will also be bodyweight workouts where you need zero equipment.

#STRONGINFALL is for those who want a community of other badass women doing the same program.  You’ll have a complete community on instagram with the hashtags #STRONGINFALL + #DPFITCREW where you can check-in to gain inspiration and be held accountable. You’ll also have full access to me via e-mail/DM.

Who is this challenge not for?

#STRONGINFALL is not for you if you want to rely on streaming videos for your workout.  The challenge is distributed in PDF format with photo breakdowns.  There is no video demo component.  However, if you have questions on any exercises – you can always pop onto IG and ask for an exercise demo.  There will also be optional workout days on my streaming FREE workout app FitOn, as well as LIVE IG workouts sprinkled in, but those are not a part of the main workouts.  I will be supplying video demonstrations of any confusing exercises on instagram stories or IG direct message as needed.

#STRONGINFALL is not for you if you want overnight results.  This program is a challenging and fun kick start.  It’s also only 6 weeks. For best results, I recommend heading straight into the Training Guides 1.0 and 2.0 or STRONGER – 6 week programs.  The point of this is to get a taste of my training style before committing to a full program.  But of course, I hope you will!

#STRONGINFALL is not for you if you like easy workouts.  These workouts aren’t easy at all, but you can take them at your own pace and modify as needed. I have kept the beginner in mind with some of the movement patterns but the workouts will still be challenging. There is never any shame in modifying and modifications will be given on an as needed basis.  I will be showing modifications on Instagram at the top of each week.

Have additional questions? Email me. I’m here to help!

Sign Ups Close In:









Where will the challenge take place?


This is an INSTAGRAM Challenge! So yes, you need to sign up for a free account. You will “check in” each day via Instagram, using a photo (can be a sweaty selfie, a quote, shot of the gym, screenshot of the workout, you and a friend completing the workout, inspirational meme, whatever). YOU WILL HASHTAG ALL POSTS using “#STRONGINFALL” and also the workout/day you have completed. For example, your description might be “Just finished up SuperCharged Bodyweight HIIT this morning and I’m sweatin’ up a storm @daniellepascente #STRONGINFALL #DPFITCREW”

The best part about Instagram challenges is you aren’t alone!  You can go to that hashtag to gain motivation all the way through the challenge.  Tag @Daniellepascente and use the hashtag #STRONGINFALL & #DPFITCREW to connect with all the amazing women in the DP Training community!

If you don’t have an instagram and want to create a handle just for this, you can do for instance @Danielle_DPfitcrew or @DPfitcrew_Danielle.  I know it’s not always comfortable to be sharing fitness posts on your personal account.  Or making your personal account public instead of private.  I get it!  That’s why it’s super easy to just create another account you can solely use for fitness posts for this challenge specifically.  That way, you won’t have any hesitations about sharing and you can keep your personal account separate.

Challenge prizes and rules.


Your daily check-ins on Instagram are your chance make new friends, share how you’re doing, show us what’s inspiring you, and get support.  There will also be chances to win incredible prizes just by joining and completing the workouts.

In order to be entered into the prize raffle at the end of the challenge, you must have posted a minimum of 3 times/week for the 6 weeks OR send a testimonial in if you didn’t want to participate on social media.  Please see challenge rules below.  You do NOT have to follow challenge rules if you don’t care about the prizes.  You can just hop in on the challenge in whatever capacity you want.  I’d love to have you kicking ass no matter what!  If instagram isn’t your thing, you can just purchase the challenge and do the workouts on your own 🙂

Challenge Rules:

*MUST check in 3 times/week for the full 6 weeks on instagram using the #STRONGINFALL hashtag (instagram stories don’t count as a post, but I still highly encourage those as bonus check ins).

*WE WILL NOT BE DOING BEFORE/AFTER PHOTOS FOR THIS CHALLENGE (it is optional). Please see challenge overview/checklist once you sign up for the WHY behind this 🙂 

*BONUS entries for posting “I’m IN” graphic and referring friends.

Challenge Prizes: 

*Grand Prize Winner CASH


*Carbon38 Gift Card

*Perfect Bar prize package

*Free FitOn App PRO membership (1 year)

*FREE Training Guide Programs

*DP Swag Bags (multiple products)

*Free Mobility Method Dr. Jen Esquer

*Vejo Prize Pack

*Private zoom sessions

*Celsius prize pack



What are the workouts like?

The workouts are intermediate but doable if you are used to my IG workouts!  I am recommending you do them as is, but if you need to modify rounds or time based on your fitness level, you can. The goal is to do every workout in 20-45 minutes. I’ll provide the exact workouts via email in PDF format the Sunday prior to the start of each week for 6 weeks.  For example, on Sunday September 6th you will receive your week 1 workout guide with everything you need for the week inside!

If you have done any of my Training Guides, challenges, or insta workouts – they will be similar.  This is a brand new exercise bank for the Fall Challenge so you will see NEW exercises and some familiar ones as well.

The workouts will look similar to what you see to the right >>>>>

All the workouts can be done at home with dumbbells (or anything that resembles a DB).  Remember, if you don’t have dumbbells – you can use water bottles, laundry detergent bottles, cans, etc.  GET CREATIVE!  For the #STRONGINFALL challenge, an elevated surface will ALSO come in handy.  Things like a couch, chair, bench, stool (for exercises like bench dips or step ups).



In summary:


6 weeks of workouts $4,000

Prizes: $1500+

Access to Danielle 24/7 by email: PRICELESS (seriously if there is one bit of feedback I get on these challenges it’s that I actually read through your challenge posts and am very in tune to each of you!  I don’t have a hired team clicking through and double tapping photos.  I read my DM’s, I read check-in posts, and I check my e-mail often.  It’s a rarity to find this in fitness challenges so I’m sharing with you the direct feedback I’ve gotten from my girls who have completed challenges.  I genuinely care about you and your progress 🙂

Value $5,000+

What the DPFITCREW Comunity is Saying…

What the DPFITCREW Comunity is Saying


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Add your name and email to get the Kick-Ass Instagram Strategy Guide sent to your inbox immediately!

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Add your name and email to get the Kick-Ass Instagram Strategy Guide sent to your inbox immediately!

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Add your name and email to get the Kick-Ass Instagram Strategy Guide sent to your inbox immediately!

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