Hey guys!  I’m super pumped to share that Propel Co:Labs is hosting a badass Fitness Festival this weekend (8/12 & 8/13) in L.A.  I’ve been to Propel events in the past and they put on some killer workouts with incredible trainers, musical performances, and so much more!  I’m excited this year to be able to offer an early bird discount code to sign up for the festival.  The sweat starts flowing this Friday and Saturday, so use the promo code “TENOFF” to get your EARLY BIRD TICKETS NOW.

You can check out the schedule below and see the full list of classes by visiting the Propel Co:Labs event page.


When I say they pack as many badass classes into a day as possible, I mean it.  I highly recommend Gunnar Peterson and Harley Pasternak’s workouts as I think those will be the most packed and high energy!  Plus, Gunnar is a killer trainer, so it’s sure to be a kick-ass workout!

You have a few more days to register!  #LetsGetUgly >>> P.S. How perfect is that chosen hashtag for the event?  Because I imagine myself to be the hottest, sweatiest, mess ever after a full day of ridiculous workouts lol!  Cheers to an awesome event!

*This post is sponsored by Propel*