To say the launch of this puppy has been a long time coming, I mean….A LONG TIME COMING!  I’m approaching my 9 year anniversary of moving to Los Angeles.  I really didn’t think I’d last longer than a year out here, so this is a definite milestone.  I knew what I wanted to do when I came out here, but I also knew that road was going to be a tough one.  I had the drive and determination but was it going to be enough at times?  Would I be exhausted?  Would I be disappointed or let down?  Could I last in an oversaturated industry or even be anyone at all that would stand out?  Oh man, these are ALL the things I used to question.  All things I used to be insecure about.  All things that have actually tested me at times, but you know what…..I wouldn’t want to be ANYWHERE ELSE, and REGRET NOTHING from this process of getting to where I am now (and by the way…..I still have a long way to go).

I got started on my personal training career right when I moved out to L.A.  I started training clients years ago at a gym and now I train most of them privately in their homes.  My career really took off about 3 years into my LA residence.  I had worked with almost every major sports brand as a model, was training clients consistently, and creating online content to expand my brand.  In 2013, I had the opportunity to work with BeFit and create my “30 Day Fat Burn,” which you can still find on the BeFit YouTube channel.  That was my first real released “program” as a personal trainer.  My brand was starting to grow and people were beginning to recognize me as a trainer.  In a nutshell, ALL of these steps helped me to learn and grow as a fitness entrepreneur.  Even if I thought I was ready to release an online program myself years ago, I waited!  I waited partially due to the fact that I was scared shitless.  I had no clue how to create something like this and I really wanted to gain more education and insight before I dove into creating it.

At the beginning of 2016, I decided I wasn’t going to wait any longer.  You know what my breaking point was?  I would get floods of inbox messages, emails, and direct messages on instagram a day.  It would take me HOURS to answer them.  I built up a sense of resentment because I said to myself, “I’m answering all these messages for free every single day and people are actively asking and want to know!”  I answered free messages for 8 years!  Every question in regards to health/fitness/modeling you could ever think of….I’ve been asked.  And I genuinely LOVE to help people, even if it meant I was sitting there for 4-5 hours answering these messages.  It made me happy to know I was helping someone out.  Business wise, it wasn’t the smartest move though.  Not only was it time consuming (and time is money), but I was typing and sending when I should have been saving into a document to start forming my eBook.  THAT’S WHEN I DECIDED IT WAS TIME TO PUT THIS MATERIAL INTO AN EBOOK.

2016 was a long year. I went from working out a couple times a day and being super active with my clients, to sitting in front of a computer for hours on end. I’m a total perfectionist so I wanted whatever product I released to be perfect. I’ve let go of a lot of that now (haha) that’s what a year of creating a program will do to you! Eventually it becomes more about TAKING ACTION than BEING PERFECT!! I could sit on perfect for years and still not think it’s perfect. I could pick apart my own product for months before I thought it was “ready to go.” January 30, 2017 I launchd my KATG!  I took all the appropriate steps and poured my heart (really) into the eBook and it’s something I’m super proud of. Not only proud of because it’s my own, but proud of it’s ability to get people RESULTS! I ran a 6 week test group before the launch and I’ve never felt so emotional in my life. These individuals were seeing changes (not just physically but mentally as well). They were indebted, they were grateful, they were wanting to repeat the 6 weeks after it was done! These are all things that helped validate the program and helped validate that what I was doing was a GOOD DECISION. Even if it meant I had to sacrifice some things (i.e. training clients or sports modeling jobs) to get to this place. To hear about the test group, results, and what the #KATcrew is saying, click HERE

I wanted to create a program people ALL OVER THE WORLD could do. I felt so limited only being able to train clients in person. I could only answer so many questions a day and I wanted all the answers to be in one place. This program is very TRUE to the way I train and the methods I’ve learned over the years (through trial, injury, testing on other clients, and years of being an athlete).

Kick-Ass Training Guide (KATG) is a 6 week training program you can purchase online. It is a downloadable PDF with over 120 pages of content. Here’s some of what you will see in the 6 week program!

If you’ve been thinking about working out or wanting to start somewhere, this is a great place!  You can do these workouts from the comfort of your home (just like the BeFit workouts).  You can easily track progress and gain inspiration along the way.  I’ve created 2 unique hashtags for the program – #KATG & #KATcrew.  You can use these hashtags on INSTAGRAM to gain inspiration.  My whole goal is to create a community where we can all inspire each other, rather than just me telling you what to do 🙂

I believe in everything KATG has to offer.  Most importantly, I want you to kick-ass and GET RESULTS!  The reason behind the name “Kick-Ass” is because I want these workouts to be effective.  I don’t want you to spend hours at a gym!  I just want you to push yourself while you are working out and essentially kick your own ass (be challenged) with a new workout regiment.

There’s never going to be an ideal time.  DO IT NOW, DO IT FOR YOU, LETS KICK-ASS TOGETHER!