Do you want extra accountability when completing a workout program?  I’ve noticed there is a massive need for the one-on-one type of coaching when purchasing an online program.  In fact, part of the reason I don’t like distributing online guides is because it feels so impersonal.  I want to be able to guide my clients through these workouts daily!  However, when I set out to make the Kick-Ass Training Guide, I made sure to answer any/every burning question when it comes to completing a program on your own.  That’s why the KATG is 120+ pages of step-by-step instructions on how to get the most out of your 6 week workout guide.

Despite that, what I found was that people were asking for a support system.  How could I connect people who were already doing the program, and coach them through the full 6 weeks?  Enter, my first 6 week challenge!  The 6 week challenge was incredible.  Women saw results!  They felt connected, and inspired by a community of other women all completing the KATG.  So what is the 6 week challenge and how does it work?


The entire 6 week challenge will take place in a closed Facebook group.  There will be 2 Facebook lives per week in this group.  During the Sunday’s Facebook lives, we will go over each weeks challenges, clarify directions, exercises, etc.  During Wednesday’s Facebook lives, we will cover a topic for 1 hour followed by Q&A surrounding that topic.  The topics will give you the tools you need to succeed with the training guide.  The topics range from nutrition, to supplements, to body image, to ways you can make workouts happen on the go (the list goes on).  Every Sunday you will receive a “weekly schedule” posted to the group, and this will be what you refer to when completing the weekly challenges.


First things first!  Do you have the 6 week Kick-Ass Training Guide?  If yes, then all you need to do is sign up below.  Once you are signed up, you will start receiving e-mails with updates and directions to join the group.  If you do not have the 6 week KATG, you must first purchase that HERE.  Then, follow the rest of the step-by-step instructions above.


The challenge includes MASSIVE accountability for completing the 6 week KATG.  If you are the type of person that purchases a program, but can’t seem to finish it (trust me….we’ve all been there) this is for you.  No but seriously……I failed at my first 4 attempts of Insanity back in the day.  Some days, I just wanted someone to lean on.  I wanted to be able to complain about the soreness I was feeling.  I wanted to be able to ask Sean T questions about my form.  I wanted to be able to tell people I was having a shitty week and not judge me.  I wanted people to tell me what their “go to” sweet treats were when trying to cut back on processed sweets.  YOU GET THE GIST!  I wanted a support group and community of people going through it with me.  But mostly, I wanted 24/7 support from my trainer if I needed it.  I totally get it, and that’s why I created this.  

In addition to taking baby steps and cheering each other on while kicking-ass, each week you will have extra motivation with prize giveaways.  There is 1 prize giveaway per week (including apparel/supplement samples).  There is a final CASH PRIZE giveaway upon completion of the 6 week challenge.  This challenge will include over $1500 worth of prizes (and growing I might add). 


  • 6 weeks of workout programming from the guide
  • Exercise breakdowns and 24/7 Q&A
  • Valuable nutritional information
  • Grocery list and supplement breakdown
  • Multiple 1 hour Facebook lives covering a variety of fitness/wellness topics
  • Massive accountability
  • over $1500 worth of prize giveaways
  • 24/7 access to Danielle
  • Access to a private community of KATcrew ladies AFTER the 6 week challenge is over (and forever access if you want it).


Honestly, it’s for women who feel overwhelmed starting a fitness program.  They don’t know exactly what to do, and need a little extra guidance.  Many people know exactly what to do to workout, but aren’t sure how to change their diet.  It’s not always easy to venture out on a fitness journey all by yourself.  That’s what this challenge is here for.  The challenge group will be comprised of women only!  We will break through barriers together, get vulnerable, and create lasting changes to take you much further than this 6 weeks.  It’s basically a kick-start to the rest of your life (as cheesy as that sounds).  If you are a women who struggles with motivation/consistency when it comes to a new workout program, this is the challenge for you.


The challenge officially begins Sunday June 4th with the first Facebook live.  However, you will be added into the Facebook group before then to get acquainted and introduce yourselves 🙂 You will receive directions following your purchase!


Seems so intense right?  To be honest, these points are just here to help you feel like you know what to expect and how things will go.  If you aren’t comfortable with certain aspects, feel free to shoot me an email danielle@daniellepascente.com.  I’d hate for you not to join because you don’t like one aspect of the challenge.  Lets get to the bottom of it so you can kick-ass with the crew!

  • Participants must have purchased the KATG as well as the 6 week challenge package before the start of the challenge.
  • Contest starts June 5th and will end July 17, 2017.
  • The contest will not include preparation training, so if you would like to complete those workouts on your own prior to the challenge, I highly encourage that!
  • You must be comfortable sharing before/after photos.  As part of the week 1 challenge you will be asked to share your before photo with me.  If this is not something you are comfortable with, please do not join the challenge
  • You will be asked to share an after photo (in the group) at the end of the challenge.  If this is not something you are comfortable with, please do not join the challenge.
  • In order to be eligible for the prizes, you must complete the weekly challenges assigned (which really aren’t that intense DON’T WORRY).  I know time is precious and you are all busy, so I’m trying to make this as flexible as possible for everyone.
  • Photos must be taken in sports bra/fitted shorts, swimsuit, or bra/underwear.  Photo must be a full body shot and side body shot in a lighted room with as minimal going on in the background as possible (i.e. up against a wall).
  • Upon entering the challenge, you are giving Danielle Pascente the right to use your before/after photos for marketing purposes which will only be used in a tasteful and uplifting manner.  Any testimonial you write can also be used for the same purpose.


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Add your name and email to get the Kick-Ass Instagram Strategy Guide sent to your inbox immediately!

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