I honestly can’t believe it’s already almost 2018.  Where did the time go?? I’m sure many of you are traveling to be home with family, or maybe you live near family so you are just prepping for some week long festivities.  Either way, I hope you are enjoying this time and if you’re not…..I’m going to give you a few tips to FIND the good in the busy seasons (AKA NOW)!

To be honest, holidays used to be a big trigger for me.  I felt a sense of stress leading up to most of them.  It’s that feeling of being out of a routine that gives me a bit of anxiety.  I think for many years it was guilt.  I felt guilty that I wasn’t always doing what the rest of my family was doing.  I felt guilty for working out.  I felt guilty for eating healthy.  I felt guilty for eating like shit when I would indulge.  Some of these feelings have definitely been heightened by comments.  The healthy person WILL inevitably get some shit.  “Why don’t you take a day off from working out?”  “Why don’t you just eat what everyone else is eating?”  “Why don’t you drink with all of us?” 

These comments used to get to me.  Like WHY ME??  Why are they picking on me when I’m just trying to LIVE MY BEST LIFE (LOL LITERALLY THOUGH).  Now, I’ve learned not to take them personally.  In my eyes, I’m just taking care of myself so that I can be the best version of myself in situations that aren’t always stress free.  I’m so beyond grateful for my family and friends.  I love the time we spend together don’t get me wrong!  I just know I need to take care of me so I can be the best for everyone else if that makes sense.  The nice thing about living a fairly healthy lifestyle 365 is that people start to catch on!  It’s more accepted.  There’s more understanding.  And more than anything…..you just start to really STEP INTO IT – AND OWN IT!  These are the 5 things I swear by to help me feel good at the holidays.  In no particular order, but these are some of my staples.

1.) Move your body.  
Even if it’s just a short walk.  Get outside for some fresh air.  Get the blood flowing.  Do an at home workout or quick online yoga video if that’s whats convenient. I promise it will set the pace for the day.  If I start on a good note, I’m more likely to make good decisions throughout the day. I aim for a movement goal of 30 minutes a day when I’m on holiday/vacation.

2.) Hydrate.  
Drink enough water.  It’s easy to forget on busy days and maybe your drink of choice this weekend is alcohol?? If that’s the case, DOUBLE HYDRATE.  I promise drinking enough water can help with many things, including hangovers 😉

3.) Toss the leftovers.  
One Thanksgiving meal is enough I promise 🙂 It’s easy to have like 4 thanksgiving meals following the actual day.  I’ve 100% been there, done that.  The 4 day binge will leave you feeling BLEH by Monday, so try to make a few good decisions throughout the weekend.

4.) That being said…..ENJOY!!  
I truly believe you don’t need to restrict yourself!  You should be able to enjoy the foods you really love.  No need to feel guilty for stuffing your face.  For some of you, this is your FAVORITE MEAL OF THE YEAR!  Hell yes…..get down with yo bad self.  I think where it becomes hard to reverse is when it keeps going day after day, week after week until the end of the year.  Chances are if you’ve filled yourself up on Thanksgiving – you should feel satisfied!  Think about putting some good things in your body Saturday/Sunday to balance it out.

5.) Enjoy the moments, be grateful, and be present.  
WHEW!  This is a big one for me.  It’s hard to slow down.  It’s hard to not think about work or workouts or the next thing I have to do.  Anyone else?  I swear once I take a step back and really gain perspective – that’s when I feel MOST thankful/grateful.  It forces me to be present.  I know I’m beyond blessed.  Blessed to have a family, a roof over my head, food, clothes, etc.  Sounds cheesy but damn…….it’s true.  I’ll be the first to admit sometimes I feel like I live in a bubble.  Then something will catch my attention to help me gain perspective and I think “Wow, you truly are so blessed to live the life you do.”  Allow for the moments of gratitude.  They are so KEY.

Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy holiday!