Danielle Pascente Training Guide 2.0

#DPTG 2.0 is a continuation 6 week training guide (weeks 6-12) that will help you tap into your inner athlete and kick some ass while doing it!  #DPTG 2.0 is comprised of workouts you can do anywhere, anytime with minimal equipment.  The workouts range in duration from 20-45 minutes and are a combination between circuit training, HIIT, & cardio.  

 The 2.0 training guide includes over 120 pages of content and mapped out cardio days on the program with treadmill & stairmaster workouts.  It’s different from #DPTG 1.0 in the sense that every cardio day is included with the exact training protocol for the day.  2.0 is double the workouts and more advanced.  It is the progression after you’ve completed the #DPTG.

 I know that life is chaotic and busy.  These are the exact protocols I’ve used myself that really work.  As someone who is constantly on the go – traveling, training clients, photoshoots, and building my online business…it’s tough to spend hours at the gym.  I wanted to build a program that made it convenient to knock the workouts out, while still being challenged.  The program has a lot of variety and each week will get progressively harder so that you can SEE RESULTS.

Whats inside the DPTG 2.0?

  • 6 more weeks of training
  • 60 pages of exercises/cueing
  • Photo breakdowns of each exercise.
  • Specified cardio workouts 
  • Step-by-step progress instructions
  • Warm-up & cool down methods
  • Full access to me by e-mail
  • Equipment modifications
  • 12 + additional cardio workouts
  • Bonus workouts (bench, box, jumprope, tabata, stairmaster, treadmill)

Who is DPTG 2.0 for?

Who is DPTG 2.0 not for?

#DPTG 2.0 is for those that are short on time, but still want an effective workout.  All the workouts range from 20-45 minutes.  They are fat burning, calorie torching sessions with a variety of weight circuits and HIIT.

#DPTG 2.0 is for those that want a progressive program.  Nobody wants to do the same workout for 12 weeks.  I hear you!  The workouts get more challenging with each week and you are never doing the same workouts twice.

#DPTG 2.0 is for those that like a clear layout with exercise clarifications and photos.  The program includes a full exercise glossary and 4-5 photos per exercise included in each workout.

#DPTG 2.0 is for those who want to be challenged in the comfort of their own home.  The workouts aren’t easy but they build on each other.  If you want a killer workout and are limited on equipment – this is perfect for you.  The 2.0 training guide does have treadmill and stairmaster workouts included – but both can technically be done by outdoor running or an outdoor set of stairs.

#DPTG 2.0 is for those who want a community of other kick-ass women doing the same program.  You have a complete community on instagram with the hashtags #DPTG #DPFitcrew where you can check-in to gain inspiration and be held accountable.

#DPTG 2.0 is not for you if you like spending hours at the gym trying to figure out complicated machines.  The equipment used is mostly bodyweight and dumbbells.

#DPTG 2.0 is not for you if you want to rely on streaming videos for your workout.  The Danielle Pascente Training Guides are distributed in PDF format with photo breakdowns.  There is no video demo component.  However, if you have questions on any exercises – you can always pop into the FB group and ask for an exercise demo.

#DPTG 2.0 is not for you if you want overnight results.  This program is progressive in nature.  Results are best seen when you combine all 3 of the Kick-Ass programs and repeat 2-3 times.

#DPTG 2.0 is not for you if you like easy workouts.  These workouts aren’t easy at all, but given that you have just finished the first #DPTG – you should be ready to dominate 2.0.  I wouldn’t recommend jumping straight to #DPTG 2.0 unless you are at an elite/advanced level of fitness.

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$79.99 $99.99

Upon purchasing, you will receive an e-mail within minutes with a link to directly download the training guide.  This guide is distributed in Ebook/PDF format.


Q: Can you get the #DPTG 2.0 as a hard copy?

A: We don’t actually send it that way, but you can absolutely print it yourself. Many of my girls get it printed on their own because they like to have a physical copy but we distribute it as an “e-book” in PDF format. It gets delivered to your e-mail to save to whatever device you want to.

Q: Can you do the workouts from home?

A: #DPTG 1.0 and 2.0 are meant for you to do wherever, whenever with minimal equipment. That being said, I have included an entire page about equipment substitutions in the guide so you can understand what would be easy to use at home for certain workouts (i.e. table, chair, weight substitutions).

Q: How many weeks is the #DPTG 2.0 in total?

A: The #DPTG 2.0 is a continuation from 1.0.  It is 6 additional weeks of training.

Q: How long are the workouts?

A: They range from 20 mins – 45 mins. It really depends on your personal speed. I’ve gone through some of the earlier weeks of the #DPTG in less than 25 mins.  Some of the 2.0 workouts take more time – anywhere from 30-60 minutes.

Q: What do I do on the cardio days of the program?

A: The #DPTG 2.0 actually has the cardio days mapped out for you!  You will have a specified cardio workout for your cardio days on the program.

Q: Are the workouts impossible?

A: No, they aren’t!  I know sometimes it’s easy to come to my IG and be intimidated by different exercises but the #DPTG is PROGRESSIVE! Meaning, they start with the beginner in mind but progress to honor that elite athlete. If you are super fit already, I highly recommend jumping straight to #DPTG 2.0 or starting in the later weeks of #DPTG 1.0

Q: Is it all HIIT training?

A: No!  Although there are many circuit/HIIT style workouts in the guide – I’m a big believer in split routines. That being said, I have upper, lower, and full body workouts – as well as designated cardio workouts on the program. I’m a firm believer in lifting weight when it comes to any program. You can decide how you want to progress and how heavy the weights (DBs) are that you use the entire way through.

Q: Is there a nutrition component to the #DPTG 2.0?

A: There is not a full nutrition guide inside the #DPTG.  There is however 11 pages of nutritional guidelines in the 1.0 guide that talks about some of my top nutrition practices when completing any workout program.  I also incorporated a 3 day sample meal plan + grocery list to get you started.

What the #DPFITCREW is saying about the Guide

$79.99 $99.99

Upon purchasing, you will receive an e-mail within minutes with a link to directly download the training guide.  This guide is distributed in Ebook/PDF format.