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I had so much fun shooting this little LOVE themed workout for Valentine’s Day!  I’m not a HUGE fan of this holiday (and I even have a husband haha).  I know it’s such an overrated, overpriced holiday BUT I do love the idea of showing YOURSELF some love.  I’ve been sharing some #kickasslove mantras on my IG all week and encouraging anyone who wants to share to do it!  Use the hashtag #kickasslove and tell me how you are taking care of YOU this week.  I think it’s so crucial to take a moment and pamper yourself.  I know that looks so different for everyone, but I encourage you take some time for you this week doing something you love.  Move your body, take care of your body, love your body.  It’s a pretty incredible machine so take a few moments to compliment it TODAY and always.  I know for me, I don’t speak good things about my body ENOUGH.  I’m very quick to judge it or find the things I don’t like (isn’t it funny how that works).  And yet….I’m so hesitant to compliment it.  It’s something I’m constantly working on and making BIG shifts in 2017 to be better about it.

With all that being said, lets get your heart rate spiked and have a great sweat sesh to incorporate into your Valentine’s week!  Here’s the protocol.  5 exercises, 1 minute each, for 5 rounds.  Take breaks between rounds for as long as you need while still challenging yourself.  I typically rest for about 2 minutes.  P.S. my tinsel heart weighs like an ounce, so grab yourself a weight haha!  I was just having fun with a little heart prop 🙂 Alright…..lets go!

Alternating Forward Lunges

Sqaut to Press

Side Lunge to Crossbody Press

180 Squat Jumps

Heart Jacks

You will see a lot of these exercises in my new Kick-Ass Training Guide (KATG). If you haven’t had the chance to see what it’s all about….you can check it out HERE. It’s a 6 week training guide with 120+ pages of content and goods to help you get into the best shape of your life! Don’t believe me? See what people are saying about KATG and come check out the inspiration behind it. I truly do want you to kick-ass and unleash your inner athlete, so come join the #KATcrew and start now!

Wishing you and yours (or just you because YOU ROCK) an amazing and love filled Valentine’s Day 💖




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