Results You Will See – Train With ME!

Pascente PT  is owned and operated by Danielle Pascente.  She started her business in 2009 when she realized the corporate gym wasn’t her style.  Even though stepping away from job security and the bulk of her clientele was scary, Danielle never turned back.  She has been doing private/independent training for years and will be launching her programs online soon!

Danielle’s method is particular in the sense that she pushes her clients to the max.  Whatever their goals are, she is ready to make it happen (even if that means you hate her at that moment).

As a psychology major, Danielle digs deeper and works harder to try and pull the “greatness,” out of each individual. As an athlete and coach, she believes that everyone has fitness and athletic potential, most likely more than they are aware of themselves.  She strives to find the athlete in everyone, even if that means tough love.  “Danielle practices what she preaches and you can tell she really cares about her clients.”  See what others are saying about the Pascente PT training method.

Danielle is located in the Los Angeles area.  She is available for in home training, on set location, and outdoor/beach training. She has access to a private gym, track, and swimming pool.  Please inquire about “event prep/red carpet/wedding prep” specials, fitness retreats, and virtual training using the online contact submission form.

Danielle Pascente for BeFit

Full Body Calorie Torch

Full Body Blast Workout


1 private training session: $150.00 5 private training sessions: $650.00 10 private training sessions: $1200.00 16 private training sessions: $1800.00


12 sessions: $60 per session/min. 3-5 x week/$720.00 up front 18 sessions: $55 per session/min. 3-5 x week/$990.00 up front

 In home training and on set trainer tech by request only using the contact form.