“Danielle comes across as a genuine, hard working, “natural” in this business. She’s on time, never has a bad attitude, and gives 100% effort in any project I’ve seen her be a part of. She exemplifies how talents in this business should conduct themselves. I am extremely proud to say that Danielle is one of our alumni from the FMI program.”

Gary Augustine Warren
Fitness and Sports Network

“I measure success through two ways. On the one hand is someone’s drive; their motivation and push to reach their goals. On the other hand is results; the quality of work displayed at the end of the day. By that definition, Danielle Pascente embodies success.

She possesses a relentless energy and dedication to achieve what others could not and her abilities on camera are nothing short of spectacular. She has a fantastic way of motivating and challenging those around her to also achieve greatness through combined hard work, collaboration, and effort. She truly believes in the spirit of teamwork and goes the extra mile in support of a group’s effort. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Danielle for several years and she has always exuded the highest level of professionalism, an unmatched drive to succeed and outstanding creativity. Danielle is truly passionate for her craft which is evident in all she does.”

James Patrick
Fitness Photographer/Public Speaker/Marketing Specialist/Journalist

“I have been shooting for over 4 years as a professional photographer and I am also the Marketing Manager and Catalog Manager for a national Sport and Fitness product company. I can say without a doubt that Danielle is one of the special people I have had the great opportunity to work with. She is more than a beautiful model. She brings motivation, inspiration, and talent to the table. I have had the fortunate opportunity to shoot with her on multiple occasions and she is always well prepared and ready to shoot. She always provides me with great images not to mention how much fun she is to shoot with!”

Harvey Elkins
Marketing Manager – Power Systems Inc.

“I had the opportunity to work with Cover Model Danielle as the Photo Editor of Runner’s World Cover Shoot for our October 2011 issue. It was a full day of shooting an action cover and Danielle maintained both great energy and running form throughout the whole shoot! I would recommend her for any fitness or cardio photo or video shoot!”

Andrea Maurio
Photo Editor Runner’s World

“Danielle is a dream model to work with. In the two fitness shoots I hired her for she was punctual, hardworking, enthusiastic, confident and obviously gorgeous and in amazing shape. Her body seams to always be in top form, and since she is coordinated and an expert in a variety of fitness categories, she makes for a terrific fit!”

Liz Petrella
Lead Graphic Designer Moving Comfort

“Danielle is one of those rare individuals who whole-heartedly pursues everything she wants in life. As a fearless woman of outstanding character, she conducts herself with grace, class, and humility. Alongside her superstar athleticism, she is undoubtedly one of the hardest workers I have ever known. Danielle is a true woman of business and ethic, and I continue to be astounded by the high standard at which she orchestrates her business endeavors. There simply aren’t many women her age in this world who are as unyielding in their quest for greatness and success as Danielle. I could not be more proud to call her my sister.”

Allyssa Pascente
Sister and Social Media Assistant


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