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It’s been 4 weeks since I got this new product (Slendertone Connect Abs) in the mail and I know those of you who follow me on instagram – I promised a full update!

I’ve now had time to get to know the device a little better. For those of you who are just now tuning into the blog, I’m a HUGE supporter of the phrase “don’t knock it till you try it.” As a trainer, I think it is totally appropriate to try new and innovative technologies in the fitness space.  I’m not a huge fan or a fan at all of waist trainers and I want you guys to know this is NOT what that is.  If you are still interested you can keep reading on about my 4 week test trial of the slendertone connect.

Some quick info about the belt before my review:

+ Slendertone Connect Abs is the first ab belt to be FDA cleared and clinically proven to strengthen, firm, and tone all major ab muscles

+ The belt is designed for active consumers, and is a time-saving tool to supplement and boost to your regular fitness routine by using Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) toning technology to create strong, deep muscle contractions that strengthen your core. EMS uses a gentle current to engage your abdominal muscles, mimicking the body’s natural muscle movements, while the patented pad placement targets and activates all three major abdominal muscles simultaneously for maximum toning.

Back to my review:

When I tried it for the first time, my immediate reaction was WHOA! This feels weird! It reminded me a lot of muscle stem treatments you get when you go to the chiropractor. That is exactly what this is although I’ll admit I’ve never tried muscle stim in this particular place (my abs). The feeling was new at first and tingly. After about 5 minutes of having the belt on though, you get used to it. I paired the belt with the app on my iPhone and it suggested a “fitness” program for me based on the stats I entered on my usual workouts. This would be an advanced toning program delivering over 200 abdominal contractions in 30 minutes for about 4 days a week. And yes, this was to compliment my already existing fitness routine.  I even did some light exercises while wearing the belt sometimes, if I didn’t chose to just use it while sitting at my desk doing computer work.


+ I loved having this as a little posture reminder while I was sitting at my desk. There’s something about having it strapped across your midsection that forces you to sit up straight.

+ It wasn’t like I had to do much physically other than just put the belt on and open my app, so it worked well with a busy schedule and you can set little reminders on your phone that pop up.


–  30 minutes did seem like a long time to me. I would have lessened the amount of time to about 15 minutes each session.

–  There were times that I thought the actual stimulations were a little too much, but the nice thing is that you can use the controller to take it down to whatever level you are comfortable with.


After 4 weeks, it wasn’t by any means life changing. As you guys know, I work out a LOT and the reason I really wanted to try this was for more of a core postural reminder and to see what it felt like. I can say that even when I don’t have the belt on now, I am in the habit after 4 weeks of sitting up relatively straight. I haven’t seen any drastic changes to my midsection but my midsection is in pretty great shape year round, so those of you that follow me on the reg – you wouldn’t necessarily see a difference in my abs after the 4 weeks. If there was a type of person I would recommend the slendertone to, it would be someone with a sitting job. Anyone who is sitting for LONG periods at a time, this is a great way to sit up right and have a little ab contraction going at the same time.

Again, this isn’t something to replace workouts or eating clean. It is to ENHANCE a healthy lifestyle and be a contributing factor to that. I have 2 more weeks on the actual program on the app. I think I’ll continue to use my Slendertone Connect Abs maybe bi-weekly for about 30 mins or any time I need a postural reminder!  If you are interested in purchasing your own Slendertone Connect Abs, click HERE.  Any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a reply below!

This was a fun little trial run on a new technology in the fitness space!  It continues to amaze me how much technology has advanced in a short time.  One day I swear we are going to be able to snap our fingers and have robotically completed a workout – HA!!! THAT WOULD BE THE DAY!  Until then, I will continue to kick my own ass in workouts, make healthy food choices, and maybe even add the Slendertone Connect into my routine.

Love you guys,



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