Kick Ass Treadmill Training Guide-JUNE RELAUNCH cover

Kick-Ass Treadmill Training Guide


Exactly what it sounds like, #KATTG is my new treadmill/HIIT based exercise guide that will help you tap into your inner athlete and kick some ass while doing it! Treadmill workouts have been proven to:

This program is comprised of 25 workouts, with different levels in mind. So if you hate running, don’t worry!  You can start at the beginning.  You will have the option to complete a 30 day treadmill training results driven calendar or use these workouts a la carte at your leisure. Treadmill training has drastically changed my endurance over the years and I’m super excited to have you experience the same results!  I used to be a sprinter and I honestly HATED running distance.  The treadmill was always a boring piece of equipment until I started incorporating it into my workout regiment back in 2010.  The new & improved treadmill training guide includes: 
*25 workouts
*5 bonus tread & shred workouts
*Stretching/foam rolling guide
*30 day results driven calendar 
*Speed changes for beginners 
*Exercise glossary 
*Nutrition do’s and don’ts
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