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The start of Summer is one of my favorite times.  The weather starts heatin’ up, energy picks up, people are taking advantage of the great outdoors in any & every capacity!  For me personally, I love taking my workouts outside.  I texted my girl Lindsey Simcik (badass Soul Cycle instructor and host of the Almost30 Podcast), to see if she wanted to join for a little sweat sesh.  We headed to the bluffs in Santa Monica and created this partner workout you can do anywhere/anytime with no equipment.  I would highly recommend bringing a yoga mat or beach towel and of course water to stay hydrated.

You can see the exercise demonstrations in the video above.  Don’t forget to switch partners on those last 2 exercises (leg throws and the squat/high knee combo).  This is a full body workout so you should be feeling the burn through your entire body.  I highly recommend a quick warm-up and cool down with this workout.  You can check out my QUICK STRETCHING GUIDE HERE if you had any questions regarding “go to” stretches for recovery.  When we talk about fat burning workouts, this is exactly that.  These HIIT type circuits get your heart rate spiked and metabolism moving for hours post workout.  These are the perfect workouts to incorporate into your weekly workout regiment for max results!  Swimsuit season is basically here – so lets dust off the bikinis and rock them.  For more workouts like this and a 6 week training plan, you can come join the Kick-Ass Training Community HERE.

Shoutout to my girl Linds!  Thanks for joining me for a lil partner workout.  If you guys live in LA, you can get your ass kicked by Lindsey at Soul Cycle.  Her class is freaking FIRE and you will leave feeling like a new person haha.  She’s also one of the hosts of one of my new favorite podcasts Almost30.  She’s a fitness warrior so I’m glad I have a new friend who’s down for a good sweat sesh!  Thanks Linds!!


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