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For those of you that follow my “Pascente PT” Facebook page, you know that we are starting the November Contest giveaway.  This blog will give you a rundown of all the rules/prizes/etc for the contest giveaway.  Contest will start TODAY!!  The winner will be announced the day before Thanksgiving!  First thing is first, if you haven’t “liked” the Facebook page, please come on over and hit the “LIKE” button.

Now the contest is pretty straightforward.  If you have been on the page, you have seen ALL of these workouts before.  We are taking a “try it tuesday’ slimdown challenge.  Your perfect week of try it tuesday workouts and schedule all set out for you.  I will give you the basic schedule that you will stick to until Thanksgiving.  You CAN switch up the workouts every week by rotating days or switching “off days” with “on” days.  You can get creative with choice days and choose something from each workout.  The whole goal of the contest is to do a little before and after accountability for the traditional holiday prep weightloss.

burpee fun Monday Burpee Fun

hill work ladder Tuesday Hill Work Ladder



arm scorch Thursday AM Scorch

50 40 30 20 Friday 50, 40, 30, 20, 10




**Choice workouts means you feel strong enough to do a workout that day and you are choosing one from the 4 or combining some exercises from each of the workouts.  If you do not feel strong enough, these are rest and stretch days**

The contest rules are fairly basic.  I would love to see simple check-ins on the page such as “Just finished my monday burpee fun workout for the November contest on Pascente PT.” OR “Sweating it out today with my Pascente PT workout.”  And any mid-workout pictures, post workout sweat pics, etc will be BONUS POINTS for the contest winner.  ALSO….one key thing to this is a before/after pic.  Here is an example of a simple before/after picture:

before after

You can start tomorrow (MONDAY) with your before picture and the day or two before contest ends….take your after picture.  This is a GREAT way to see your own progress and hold you accountable.  Using your “3 DAY SAMPLE DIET” given on the page this week, and in addition to your try it tuesday slimdown series…..YOU ARE BOUND TO SEE RESULTS!  I can’t wait to see some of your submissions and again, what you put into this will be exactly what you get out.  MAKE A COMMITMENT AND YOU WILL SEE RESULTS.  Besides seeing awesome results….you will score this huge prize giveaway package. >>>>>>>>>X-1 Headphones, EBOOST swag/energy KIT, Waiakea Tank over $200.00 in PRIZE GIVEAWAYS!  There will be 2 winners!




THERE YOU HAVE IT!  I look forward to seeing your progress and remember…CHECKING IN ON ANY/ALL social media outlets is acceptable.  You can find me on Instagram: @DANIELLEPASCENTE  Twitter: @danielleelisep and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the FACEBOOK PAGE.  HAPPY NOVEMBER CONTEST GIVEAWAY.  Stay on track, be accountable, check in on the page, hit the workouts hard, eat clean, have fun, AND YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL.




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