Kick-Ass Treadmil Training Guide

Exactly what it sounds like, #KATTG is a 30 day treadmill/HIIT based training guide that will help you tap into your inner athlete and kick some ass while doing it!  #KATTG is comprised of 25 treadmill workouts + a 30 day follow along calendar.  The workouts range in duration from 10-45 minutes and are a combination between tread HIIT circuits, tread intervals, and tread endurance.

 I know that running isn’t for everyone.  In fact, truth be told, I used to HATE running.  The best part about the #KATTG is that you can start with a 10 minute treadmill protocol.  The time flies by as you are varying speeds and grade.  The treadmill is a notoriously boring piece of equipment, but the #KATTG spices it up!  As someone who is constantly on the go – traveling, training clients, photoshoots, and building my online business…it’s tough to spend hours at the gym.  I wanted to incorporate a program that made it convenient to knock some cardio out, while still being challenged – and seeing endurance changes over time.  With the #KATTG, thousands of women are seeing results in their overall stamina, pace, and endurance.  Side effects include signing up for a race (yes, this has actually happened more times than I can count when people finish the treadmill training program).

Whats inside

  • 25 treadmill workouts
  • 5 bonus tread & shred workouts
  • Stretching/foam rolling guide
  • 30 day results driven calendar 
  • Speed changes for beginners 
  • Exercise glossary 
  • Nutrition do’s and don’ts
  • Access to a closed Kick-Ass Training Guide Facebook group
  • 3 levels to choose from: Rookie, Semi-Pro, and Pro
  • 3 times to choose from 10, 20, or 30 minute workouts

Who is KATTG for?

Who is KATTG not for?

#KATTG is for those that are short on time, but still want an effective workout.  All the workouts range from 10-45 minutes.  They are fat burning, calorie torching sessions with a variety of treadmill protocols (intervals, on and off treadmill circuits, endurance runs, etc).

#KATTG is for those that want a follow along calendar and and progressive training method.  Nobody wants to do the same workout for 6 weeks.  I hear you!  The workouts get more challenging with each week and you are never doing the same workouts twice.

#KATTG is for those that do or don’t like running.  You do not have to be a runner to try the #KATTG.  It has the beginner in mind and all workouts are labeled with Rookie, Semi-Pro, and Pro title.  You can repeat rookie workouts for as long as you need before progressing to the next level.

#KATTG is for those who want to introduce running into their routine and/or make major running improvements if they already do run.  The PRO tread HIIT and endurance runs are very advanced but after just 30 days of incorporating these runs – even my advanced runners said they had improved pace by roughly 10-20 seconds per mile.

#KATTG is for those who want a community of other kick-ass women doing the same program.  You have immediate access to a Facebook group upon purchase of any Kick-Ass Training Guide.  You also have a complete community on instagram with the hashtags #KATTG, #KATG, & #KATcrew where you can check-in to gain inspiration and be held accountable.

#KATTG is not for you if you just want to lift weights to get in shape.  Running is a great way to burn fat, boost metabolism, increase stamina, and vary your cardio workouts. 

#KATTG is not for you if you want video workouts.  The #KATTG is distributed in PDF format.  There is no video demo component.  However, if you have any running questions – you can always pop into the FB group and ask for formatting or speed clarifications.

#KATTG is not for you if you want overnight results.  This program is progressive in nature.  Results are best seen when you complete the 30 day calendar and/or combine all 3 of the Kick-Ass programs and repeat 2-3 times.

#KATTG is not for you if you like easy workouts.  These workouts aren’t easy at all, but with the beginner, intermediate, and advanced options that treadmill training provides – I have kept the beginner in mind!

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$49.99  $39.99

Upon purchasing, you will receive an e-mail within minutes with a link to directly download the training guide.  This guide is distributed in Ebook/PDF format.  You will also be given a link to join the closed facebook group and further instructions on best ways to get started!


Q: Can you get the #KATTG as a hard copy?

A: We don’t actually send it that way, but you can absolutely print it yourself. Many of my girls get it printed on their own because they like to have a physical copy but we distribute it as an “e-book” in PDF format. It gets delivered to your e-mail to save to whatever device you want to.

Q: Can you do the workouts from home?

A: #KATTG can be done from home if you have a treadmill.  You can also follow these protocols outside if you have a reliable watch and/or are pretty in tune with your MPH or pace.  

Q: How many weeks is the #KATTG in total?

A: The #KATTG has a 30 day follow along calendar and has 20 total treadmill workouts you can use a la carte whenever.  You don’t have to follow the calendar but if you like to have each day set out, this option is for you!

Q: How long are the workouts?

A: They range from 10 mins – 45 mins. There are a variety of times you can choose from with the least amount of time being a 10 minute treadmill workout and the most amount of time being a 45 minute endurance treadmill workout.

Q: Are the workouts impossible?

A: No, they aren’t!  I know sometimes it’s easy to come to my IG and get intimidated by all the running training I do, but that didn’t happen overnight.  I started on a treadmill.  I would commit to a 5 minute jog at the beginning when I hated running.  #KATTG has the beginner in mind but progresses to honor that elite athlete.  You can stick to the 10 minute runs for as long as you need before moving up in duration.

Q: Will I lose weight doing the #KATTG?

A: Yes!  That is a major benefit to treadmill training for sure.  If you are following the 30 day calendar as well as incorporating some healthy eating habits – you are bound to shed a few lbs.  The glory of treadmill intervals is you are reaching that FAT BURNING ZONE.  You are constantly revving up your metabolism and burning calories long after the workout is done. 

Q: Is there a nutrition component to the #KATTG?

A: There is not a full nutrition guide inside the #KATTG.  There is however a “Do’s and Dont’s” guidelines chapter that talks about some of my top nutrition practices when completing any workout program.

What the #KATcrew is saying about the Guide

$49.99  $39.99

Upon purchasing, you will receive an e-mail within minutes with a link to directly download the training guide.  This guide is distributed in Ebook/PDF format.  You will also be given a link to join the closed facebook group and further instructions on best ways to get started!


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