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Kick-Ass Training Guide (#KATG), is a program I created to help you find your inner athlete and kick-ass while doing it!  I know working out isn’t always easy or convenient.  This guide is meant to take the stress out of working out with workouts you can do anywhere, anytime with minimal equipment.  Don’t believe me?  Check out these kick-ass results below and learn more about the #KATcrew lifestyle.

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Exactly what it sounds like, #KATG is my new 6 week training guide that will help you tap into your inner athlete and kick some ass while doing it!  KATG is comprised of workouts you can do anywhere, anytime with minimal equipment. 

Kick-Ass Training Guide

Whats Inside

6 weeks of workouts

2 weeks of preparation training

120 + pages of content

Nutritional guidelines

Recovery Methods

60 pages of exercise breakdowns/cueing

Step-by-step instructions on how to follow the program and plenty of motivation along the way!

Warm-up/cool down protocols

Progress log

Full access to me by email

Equipment modifications

Exclusive recovery product discount inside

So much more kick-ass content (aka Danielle’s special touches) inside!





Bundle (KATG & KATTG)

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#KATcrew Praise!


I love being able to be open and feeling supported! Often times when it comes to struggles involving my diet or fitness I don’t feel comfortable opening up about it or asking for help because I’m afraid of what other might think. But being a part of this group has really allowed me to be open and feel supported! I also love being able to support everyone else! Love the sense of community and the accountability part is huge!

-Emily Fuller

“KATG gave me the strength back I thought was lost after having my second baby.  I felt like you started out the workouts at a good pace and they got harder but I got stronger so the progress was simultaneous.  I knew I was gaining strength back because by week 2 I was already stronger and could feel it.  So grateful for the KATG to get me back on track!”

-Alicia H


“I’ve now worked out 6-7 days a week for the last 6 weeks no matter what.  It’s made a big difference in my life and I didn’t do this for anybody else.  I did this for myself most importantly and I now know I can hold myself accountable for working out no matter what.”

-Alyssa Muething

“I’ve benefitted from the Kick-Ass Training Guide because the last few years after having kids, I had limited time to get to the gym and it was maybe only once a week or once every 3 weeks that I got to the gym.  When I did get there, I didn’t know what to do.  I had been following Danielle on instagram for a little over a year so when she introduced this training guide I knew I had to do it!  Having a group of women doing the training guides together is very inspiring and it has motivated me to workout every single day during this 6 weeks!  The training guide is awesome and I can’t wait for 2.0!
-Tara Coon

“I had been trying to get in shape for my wedding and was at a loss as to where to go next.  When Danielle started this test group, it was like a giant neon sign saying, ‘TRY THIS!’  This program is amazing!  I lost 15 lbs, gained muscle, and, most importantly, I feel fantastic!  There was NOTHING easy about the exercises, but I felt a deep sense of accomplishment after each and every workout.  And knowing I had Danielle there for support and to answer all of my (sometimes ridiculous) questions made all the difference in the world.  I’ve learned a lot about myself and what I can accomplish, and I plan on continuing with all the healthy habits she helped me develop.  I can’t get over how healthy I look and feel.  I have less back/joint pain which makes me very happy.  I feel so confident in my body!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Danielle and your Kick Ass Training Guide!”

-Kassie D.

“I’ve never seen such great results so quickly from any workout I’ve done.  The workouts were super challenging but I felt amazing after each one.  I also loved having the accountability and support of Danielle.  I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to get results!”

-Emily L

“Before this I really didn’t think I’d have abs again.  Especially after having a little one and finding it hard to find time to workout.  This workout program has made it possible for me to workout from home when I don’t have access to go to the gym.  It has helped me accomplish goals I didn’t think I’d be able to say I achieved again.  It feels SO good to be mentally and physically stronger.  At week 1, I was winded and now I can run 3 miles without feeling super tired.  This is the exact jumpstart I needed to get back into fitness.  Each week the weights increased and workouts got more challenging.  I felt like I was achieving more everyday/every week!  Thank you so much.”

-Katrina M

“I officially started my weight loss journey in 2007.  I lost a bulk of the 140 lbs.  Then, I started the KATG recently and the progress and inches I’ve lost are so amazing.  I can’t believe I was once a size 24-26 and now I’m a 12-14.  I promise you, I didn’t do a single crash diet or even had a coach until Danielle.  I know the thought of doing this stuff is so scary.  Don’t be scared.  Everyone’s journey starts somewhere.  I love seeing my hard work pay off!  This book has changed my life and how I do fitness.”

-Nicole Mckee

“I think the best thing I did in this challenge was throw out the scale. I am not defined by my gravitational pull against the earth. Stuck in a horrible cycle of weighing daily and getting so worked up over the slightest gain. My body can do amazing things- I means 40 minutes of the stair master?! 20 jump tuck burpees for 6 rounds?! LIKE WHAT?! Thanks to Danielle, I am the most fit I have been in a long time but more importantly CONFIDENT! This is just the beginning but I am oh so proud of my progress so far!”

-Kasey Sporrong

“I was feeling super unhealthy and overweight.  I knew I needed something to give me structure/a plan to rely on on a daily basis.  The dad bod had to go….and I don’t even have children.  THE RESULTS WERE UNREAL!  I find myself not only more energized, but more organized.  I thought I wouldn’t have time to fit in workouts as well as other things I wanted to accomplish in my day.  Being a musician it is extremely important that I find time to practice my instruments on a daily basis.  However, making time for the workouts made everything else fall into place.  I found with the additional energy I was more motivated to push on with my day and achieve what I needed.  I no longer found myself sitting around wasting time thinking about how tired I was or how hard it was going to be to practice, work, workout.  Even though it was hard as hell and I almost poo’ed myself, I was making actual progress and showing real results!”

-Daniel L

“Fitness-wise I’ve been stuck in a bit of a rut. Knee pain has stopped me from training for longer races and gym/fitness class memberships can be uninspiring and expensive. We have a small gym at our apartment complex but I’d find myself aimlessly working out for 30-60 minutes with no real direction. Your guide provided me with direction, motivation, and helped me be accountable for my own personal goals. This type of kick start is something that is really instrumental in shaping daily routines and I can feel myself developing healthy habits.  I wore a pair of pants this weekend that I haven’t been able to wear for couple of years.  My wedding is coming up so I feel stronger, more confident, and even started the guide over!  I really felt challenged and I was so proud to finish it!”

-Marian G

I had gotten off track with my health and fitness routine and I was feeling it everywhere from my midsection to my mind. I am a free-lance Makeup Artist and my lifestyle means that I have no set schedule, which made it easy to skip workouts.  I was in desperate need of something new that would would be hard enough to kick my ass but also not intimidate me from continuing.  This program helped me to start making healthier decisions everyday. You helped me learn that making my health a priority would work its way into other areas of my life and you were right! I feel more determined to achieve success in my career and I am happier in my personal relationships with friends and family. I feel like I have made a major lifestyle shift and I couldn’t be happier!  I have tried a lot of programs in the past, but I just found it too easy to fall off the wagon and make excuses not to get back on. This program doesn’t have an end date because it becomes a lifestyle that you can sustain.  I’m happy to say I restarted the 6 week program and am just finishing up week 12 now.  I did it all from the comfort of my own apartment.  Thank you so much for getting me back on track.

-Lisa L

“I loved how you started and ended with full body workouts and in the middle we had split routine. I think that was a great way to do it! I also loved that the workouts are relatively short – I could be in and out of the gym in less than an hour, which is totally key for a busy schedule. They’re definitely tiring, and I was always drenched by the end. I started the program already in decent shape, but I’m always looking for new full body workouts that are effective. This fit the bill! I’ve felt a difference in my waist for sure – I’m down 12 pounds and 2 inches on my waistline.”

-Megan B

“I absolutely loved this workout.  As a working mom of three busy children, I found these workouts easy to fit into our hectic schedule.  I loved that I could do them at home when they fit into my schedule.  I really liked not having to schedule a time to get into a gym because that is not always possible with our schedule.  The workouts were paced by me so that was nice.  I could make them go as quickly as I needed to or take my time if needed for certain circuits.I also found that as the skills got more difficult I was able to keep up with the program and not feel defeated. It was just the right amount of stepping up the repetitions, or weights to keep me sore but not get over sore. I would highly recommend this program for someone who wants to be able to do workouts in the comfort of their own home and on their schedule.”

-Casey C

“It’s frightening to look back at where I was, especially having not even realized it at the time. going up stairs was a challenge, finding clothes that fit and looked halfway decent was a struggle- I usually just wore shapeless (and unflattering) clothes to hide what was there. My journey began at SoulCycle, where I slowly fell in love with the way my body was changing…I spent more time in that room than I did doing just about anything else. I lost 30lbs in 8 months and felt good and really proud. Then I was introduce to Danielle, and shit got real. I’ve done 2 rounds of her KATG and I’ve gotten my body farther than I ever imagined! I cannot say enough about this incredible woman and her program- I’m the strongest, proudest, most beautiful version of myself and I’m so grateful.”

-Steph Berman

“I have always been a dancer and that sufficed as my workout.  Now, it is my job as a professional cheerleader/dancer to be OVERLY fit.. it’s what we’re known for! I was motivated to join this test group because of the way Danielle looks, to be completely honest. I wanted to know how she worked out, I wanted to know what she did in order to obtain her amazing results. Her workouts were different every week which kept the program from getting boring or stagnant and the meal suggestions were extremely helpful as well.  I felt challenged by Danielle’s workouts and completing them gave me a sense of accomplishment.  I feel more confident in my tiny little dancer uniform.  It helped each part of my body, and Danielle’s support and encouragement was extremely helpful mentally. She does more than just change bodies, she changes your attitude and your mentality!”
-Megan N

“I feel so much stronger! Working out no longer feels like a horrible boring chore either. I literally couldn’t thank Danielle enough for inviting me to be a part of her test group.  It came along just when I needed it to. Also, there’s still a bit of weight for me to lose before you can see them properly, but I’ve definitely got some abs coming along! I needed some variety of workouts and a bit more structure in my life! I piled on the pounds after I got married and I felt frankly like a slug. Having followed Danielle on Instagram and seen a couple of workouts on youtube, I felt I could trust her to get results!  I just generally feel a bit more like I have my life together. My husband has also felt inspired to get fit now.  I’m starting the 6 weeks over now and ready to smash it!”

-Grace M

“The KATG kept me accountable and motivated!  I would have had such a hard time sticking to it if it weren’t for the challenge groups.  There were so many times it felt too hard to continue but seeing everyone else in the KATcrew kicking ass was such motivation.  Now I feel like I can accomplish anything!  I’m actually looking forward to starting the book over again.”

-Jane Dick

“I’m so stoked with the results from the last 6 weeks. I was looking to gain more definition and it’s cool to see the pictures reflect those changes! It’s amazing what eating right, working out consistently and having accountability can do!”

-Kylee Parker

“I have never been in love with my body. I was a chubby teenager and it has taken me a while to grow into myself and find a program that worked for me. This program was amazing. It was challenging, FUN, and easy to incorporate into my busy day. I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to participate in it, and I WILL be recommending it to my loved ones looking to tone up. I might not have lost 20 pounds, but I wasn’t trying to. I did however get down to 125 pounds — a weight that always seemed unobtainable to me. And while I don’t have a six pack (yet), I can see abs peeking through, and a definition in my body that I have never seen before. I feel so excited about this new momentum, and feel a peace of mind and contentment with my body that I’ve never felt before. That’s priceless.  Danielle is incredibly accessible and encouraging.  She may be a super athlete, fitness model, guru type, but she also gets it and is super down to earth.  She understands that life is crazy sometimes and we’re not going to be perfect 100% of the time.  The workouts were difficult but they weren’t hours long.  I have more energy, am less anxious, and feel at peace with my body!”

-Olivia B

The first 2 weeks I was 6 pounds down, and legs feeling and looking much lighter!I’m feeling great about the 6 week progress and it will go on after this.  I’m down a total of 12 lbs!  Danielle, you kicked my butt!

-Barbara M

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