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The holidays are creeping up yet again, and for some of us it can be a bit of a challenge to stay fit! I totally get it – the constant family, friends, food, and holiday gatherings. It can seriously be a struggle sometimes but making the decision UP FRONT to stay consistent with your workouts is key. One of the things I always tell my clients is to just carve out some time for themselves. Even if it means you have to get up a bit earlier and make that workout happen, then do it! Here are a few things that I swear by to get me through the holiday months.


Honestly, just put them in your calendar. Yes….physically set an alarm, write it on your schedule, set an alert – whatever you need to do to make it happen. If I come up with a game plan at the top of the week, for when I will do each workout (time, place, duration), I’m way more likely to get it done. If I don’t schedule out workout time, the day just passes by and I’m much less motivated to do it late at night after a long day. Even if you are going on vacation to celebrate the holidays, or headed home to be with family – that doesn’t mean you need to throw in the towel on all things health/fitness related! My rule of thumb is treat the holiday like any other day. Wake up, workout, eat a healthy breakfast, and go about the day as normal. It’s all mental so don’t hype it up too much in your head. Sure, there will probably be more food around – and indulge if you want to! But then you can hop right back on the next day. Don’t let those holidays drag on. Allow yourself the indulgence and having a great time with friends/family – and then get back to it the next day. Even just ONE workout can snap you out of a little funk.


Works every time! Ha! Easier said than done though. I highly encourage drinking tons of water. Even if you do have an alcoholic beverage or two, make sure you are staying hydrated. I recommend anywhere from 3-5 liters a day for active individuals. Water is also the most natural detoxifier for your body. So if you want to flush anything out, water is key. If I am drinking or celebrating something, I typically stick to the 1 glass of water per drink rule. Every drink I order, I also order a glass of water. I try to stay away from sugary mixers so my drink of choice is typically vodka/water with 3 squeezed orange slices and 2 squeezed lemon slices.


Ok, I know this is also easier said than done! It seems like there are leftovers from thanksgiving for 2 straight weeks. But you know what…..I challenge you to find something else to do with that food. Donate it to a local food shelter. Give it to a neighbor. Keep the healthier dishes (i.e. turkey or ham and you can make soup with that), but toss the starches and sugars! This is the make or break decision of….”Am I going to spiral downward or am I going to just move on and continue eating healthy.” I think that’s the rut a lot of people get into at the holidays. It’s that mindset of, “well I’m just going to continue eating terrible because I can’t help it, so i’ll hop back on the fitness train in January.” But you don’t have to make that choice! Make the choice that helps you feel great both mind and body. You will thank yourself come January 1st when you are still rocking that healthy glow.

Here is one of my favorite sweat sessions as of lately! I challenge you to do this one during the holidays and check in with me on INSTAGRAM. I’m also hosting an INSTA #kickassthanksgivingworkout challenge with lots of cool prizes.  I’m choosing 3 winners Sunday night (Nov 27th) and it’s EASY PEEZY to enter so come check it out (still plenty of time to enter).  I’m SO excited to announce something awesome on Cyber Monday (Nov. 28th) as well, so stay tuned on my IG for that. HINT HINT: new workouts to take you through the month of December!

Also, I send a FREE workout like the one above out to my subscribers every Wednesday morning so if you haven’t yet already subscribed – you can do it on the sidebar >>>>

Sending love, hugs, health, and happiness during the holidays!  So incredibly thankful for this platform and for each of you allowing me to share.  2017 is going to rock!





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