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I’m slightly obsessed with smoothies for multiple reasons.  Since I struggle with digestion, I find that smoothies are easy to digest and very filling when done right!  I typically drink a smoothie a day or at least I try to get a few in per week.  The key for me is loading it with a TON of nutrients so it is filling.  I often hear that smoothies don’t fill people up.  I used to make smoothies with just a banana, protein powder, and spinach.  This only kept me full for maybe 30 minutes to an hour, right?!  The smoothies I make now can sometimes keep me full up to 4-5 hours no joke.  Sometimes I create smoothie bowls out of my greens smoothies, which always feels like a treat.  The problem about ordering these from other places is they can be chalk full of extra sugars!  I prefer to make it at home because I can see everything that’s going inside and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a sugar bomb!

I wanted to share with you my recent “go to” green smoothie recipe and how to create that perfect consistency for a bowl. 


-3 ice cubes
-Handful of frozen mango/pineapple/strawberry mix
-1/2 banana
-Light pour of vanilla almond milk
-Light pour of GoodBelly watermelon probiotic juice
-1/2 scoop of Vega coconut almond protein mix
-1/2 scoop of Primal Kitchen vanilla collagen fuel
-1 tbsp golden milk powder
-2 capsules turmeric (empty capsules do not put full capsule inside)
-2 capsules slippery elm bark
-1 tbsp spirulina powder
-1 scoop BCAAs (your choice on flavor – I like watermelon)
-Dash of cinnamon
-3 handfuls of spinach
-2 handfuls of kale

*You can get all of these ingredients from most supplement stores or Amazon.  I like Natures Way and Organic India for the capsules.  I like Gaia for the golden milk.  I like BPA for the BCAA’s*


Add ice cubes, frozen fruit, and liquid first. I do this so all the powder wont stick to the bottom of the blender. If you have a liquid buffer it helps with that.

In order to create a thick consistency like a smoothie bowl, I recommend less milk. Even though it looks like it won’t mix together – it will. Plus, you can always add more if it isn’t. It’s hard to go back once you’ve made a watery smoothie with too much liquid. I barely fill just past the ice and frozen fruit level.

With the capsules, you can buy any good organic brand from a vitamin/supplement store. Again, I just open the capsule and empty it in. This way you minimize your risk of the shell being ground into shreds that could potentially be dangerous to swallow.

TOPPINGS: I like to top my smoothies with bee pollen, coconut flakes, cashews, and maybe crumble a blender bomb or perfect bar on top! If it’s more of a smoothie bowl, I will add a tbsp of almond/peanut butter drizzle on top.

I will typically make this post workout but honestly…..sometimes it’s dinner.  I feel like I’m constantly craving smoothies right now so I hope you guys enjoy this recipe as much as I do.  I think I got out of the habit of making smoothies because they are “messy.”  I agree – sometimes with smoothies the clean-up can suck, but I promise once you get in a rhythm of making it – you’ll have it down to a science.  I can whip one up in usually 10 mins or less.  I drink mine right out of the blender because…..less dishes!