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I can’t believe it’s already been a week since the launch of KATG (Kick-Ass Training Guide).  I’m already loving your check-ins and progress pictures on INSTA (don’t forget you use the hashtags #KATG/#KATcrew)!  You guys really do AMAZE me.  Never in a million years did I think I would be releasing an online workout program, so you all are making this first go round (trust me there will be plenty more launches in the future) one to remember!  The general consensus seems to be that these workouts are kicking your ass??!!  How fitting 🙂 No but seriously, I love hearing that they are challenging (in a good way).  For those of you still wanting to hop on board, it’s never too late.  You can start right HERE right NOW!

One of my biggest motivating factors for creating these workouts and creating the guide was to make my workouts more accessible to people.  I can only train so many clients one-on-one (in person).  I wanted to be able to answer all the questions I get on a daily basis in ONE PLACE!  This guide is filled with 120 + pages of content.  I know it’s not always easy to justify a purchase for yourself when it comes to fitness.  There are SO MANY programs on the market and I totally understand that.  If you are here, it’s because something has brought you to ME specifically.  I want to answer your questions.  I’m here to help and I want to take you on this ride with me.  When I was putting together the promo video for this guide, I wanted to create something that was TRUE to me.  I wanted it to be TRUE to the way I feel, the way I train, the locations I love.  I’ve answered any of your burning questions about what’s inside the KATG, as well as a peek into filming the promo video.  The full behind the scenes video is below!

Thank you so much to FitLife Productions for helping bring my vision to life.  Sometimes I come up with strange ideas in my head (it’s because I seriously love you guys so much and want to create badass content/things to get you inspired), and this one turned out exactly how I wanted.  The irony is that Jeven/Rachel at FitLife Productions were on set helping to film/create 30 Day Fat Burn with BeFit back in 2013.  It all comes around full circle!  I want to say a quick thanks as well to my best friend Lisa Leedy (Lisa Leedy Beauty Design), who has done my H&M for all the ebook shoots/video shoots.  We’ve been friends since 2006 and now have had the chance to work side by side which has been a dream come true.  And lastly, a HUGE thanks to my husband Matt Hall who has edited this entire behind the scenes video and so many other things for the KATG launch.  There is NO WAY any of this would have been possible without him and his endless support/willingness to learn new things when it comes to business.

So there you have it!  You can still come kick-ass with everyone!  It’s honestly never too late to start this program and I hope now some of your questions have been answered.  I want you to come see what it’s all about and achieve every single one of your health/fitness goals for 2017!  This is your year!


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