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If you follow me on the gram, you know how much I love posting my favorite workouts in video format!  I always get asked what my typical workout week looks like or how much I actually workout.  The answer to that is…there is no consistent answer.  Some weeks I workout more than others, and I’m always changing it up.  However, I do have 3 STAPLE workouts.  Workouts that I always go back to that I LOVE.  There’s nothing like a good sweat sesh in minimal time.  These workouts will all have you drenched in under 40 mins.

WORKOUT #1: Tread & Shred

Exactly what it sounds like.  Treadmill workouts are some of my favorite and most effective workouts.  If I’m short on time, this is ALWAYS my “go to.”  I like to mix it up, so I probably have hundreds of different treadmill workouts I’ve made up over the years.  Typically these workouts consist of some sprinting and some “off tread” work!

Protocol : tread work first, off tread second

Off tread :

-60 second plank

-10 burpees (with push up)

-20 walking bodyweight lunges

-40 mountain climbers

-10 squat jumps


Workout #2: Block Burn

I love blocks or steps (whatever you prefer to call them).  If your gym has the adjustable type – then HELL YES!  Because adjusting them adds an extra challenge or if you are just super fatigued on any given day, you can lower the level.  Grab a block and put it at a comfortable level for doing say…box jumps or pop squats.

5 rounds/45 seconds each exercise

-Step up to knee drive (right)

-Step up to knee drive (left)

-Crossover squats (go up and over block in lateral position)

-Burpee to box jumps

-Decline Tricep push ups

-Dips (straight legs)

-Quick feet or fast feet

-Pop Squat (start on top of block and split squat the block – touch hands on surface – pop back up)

Workout #3: Jump Rope HIIT

I used to SERIOUSLY hate jump roping. I couldn’t for the life of me do it without stumbling like every 5 jumps if not less. And then I see that badass boxer type (c’mon we all know one at the gym) that just double under criss-cross bla bla like it’s no big deal (so jealous). I actually bought a jump rope a few years ago just to practice a little more. And it’s true what they say, even though I hate admitting it. A little bit of practice weekly made me better at jumping rope. I am by no means the double under criss-crosser now, but I can definitely jump for 10-20 mins at a time. However, that is NOT what this workout entails. This is just small bursts of jump rope mixed with a bodyweight activity. So if you are reading this now and saying NOPE “F that” – you probably should DO THIS! No time like the present. On the upside you will never be jumping longer than a minute.

Protocol: 60 seconds rope, 30 second bodyweight exercise

           Repeat 2X for advanced


So there you have it!  You can screenshot these and give them a whirl this week.  As we are approaching the busy holiday season (CANNOT believe it’s here already), keep your workouts top priority.  The only way it’s going to remain consistent when the holidays do hit, is if you start making it a habit now.  Get in, get out, and get on with your busy day.  Have you tried my Kick-Ass Training Guide yet?  More of these types of workouts all mapped out for you!  Come check it out HERE

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